The Sisal Soap Bag Sampler is a great way to gift someone a handful of different scents with a usable soap bag to try them out. The sisal soap bag fits a full size bar of soap as well! It acts as an exfoliator as well as promotes lather. Just place the sample piece of soap in the bag, get it wet in the shower and rub directly on your skin!


There's five different soaps in the bag so you can try a bunch! When you find the favorite, order a full-size bar with your next order!


Holiday: Winter Lilac, Timber Glades, Fireside, HolidayOMH, Winter Farmhouse

Floral/Fresh: Bloom, Harvest Moon, Athena, Amethyst Springs, Hanging Lake

Rugged/Woodsy: Fall Aspens, Rocky Mountain Fir, SAUNA, Autumn Sunset, Copper Peak

Classics: Spirit Healer, Colorado Hot Springs, Rosemary Mint, Peak One, Peak Two


Put them in your guest bath, Airbnb, VRBO, whathaveyou. Or just toss them in a stocking or gift set you already have put together. 


Sisal Soap Bag Sampler