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A story of freshness

Snowy Mountains
Owner Jake outside with mountains in the background
Owner Jake

Meet jake

Hello There! I'm Jake! Born and raised in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, I moved to Colorado in 2008 after college and living a few years in Minneapolis.

I spent over 15 years in corporate management and was getting burned out and felt it was time for a new adventure. I've always had an interest in starting my own company. After a friend had turned me on to a local craft soap shop I was hooked and inspired! The soaps changed my mood, my day and my skin. Natural body care is where it's at! 

After tinkering around with recipes I learned how to make via YouTube videos, I seemed to enjoy everything I made and my friends became addicted. It changed their skin for the better. The scent blends I was playing around with at first were inspiring and uplifting. I was now addicted. Good thing I quit my management gig and had two months of vacation saved up!

I was addicted to the endless possibilities, scent combos, plethora of ingredients and more. I spent two full months trying to perfect my recipe, source the finest ingredients (many locally), and come up with a business plan. With inspiration from the Rocky Mountains that surround me, and my fascination with ravens, Two Ravens Soap Company, llc was born!

Founded officially in February of 2014 in Littleton, Colorado, the website was launched. I took on a low-key management gig to pay the bills while I was able to focus on the business. After the first year of web sales, I started getting into craft fairs and farmer markets. Then two years after launching, I quit the management gig to become a bartender at Lone Tree Brewing Company. This allowed me to put even more focus on the business. More craft fairs, product lines and an increasing amount of wholesale accounts.

In 2020, I was doing three farmer markets a week plus one-off craft fairs. The state of affairs in 2020 propelled me to go full time with the business and grow my brand.

Now, in 2022, I've been building out my store front in Ken Caryl (West Littleton), and will be opening on October 20th with a Grand Opening celebration in November. Join me on the new adventure of retail store front ownership.

I hope my products give you an escape to the mountains I call home. With all the scents inspired by nature, from me to you!


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