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Welcome to Two Ravens Soap Company!

Each bar of soap is handcrafted in Colorful Colorado using a cold-process soap making process. Rich oils are combined with lye, natural pigments, fragrances and inclusions to make a rich, luxurious, bar of soap.

The soap is made of the following saponified oils: Olive, Coconut, and Castor. They're Palm Oil Free. Many inclusions and natural additives are added to create unique scents, looks, and skin-loving properties.

It will NOT contain, however, Palm Oil. Palm Oil is creating environmental situations that are leading to deforestation and loss of habitats for many native animals. Look into this issue further via Google Search. Many topics and articles are out there showing it's horrible devastation!

I am capable of creating batches of soap in the following amounts: 11, 18, 36, 14, 66 batches of bars that are set to cure six weeks before sales occur. Some soap scents are seasonal, some core, some experimental, some custom, etc. I will announce the next product launch via my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts: @TwoRavensSoapCompany. LIKE us and keep up to date on all the newest products!

Some batches include Beer, Coffee, Caffeine Powder and other ingredients that may not be suitable for children or those who may be pregnant. They will be labeled as such.

If irritation occurs at any point, please discontinue use. No returns or refunds available after purchase. Please contact me if you have any issues and I will do my best to resolve them in a reasonable way.

We also create a wide array of other body and skin loving products such as deodorant, essential oils, body sprays, lip balm, body scrub, bath salt, bath bombs, aromatherapy rollers, arnica balm, beard care, lotions, laundry care, and more!

Thank you ALL for your support and encouragement as I launch this exciting new business! I know you will love each bar of soap as much as I do.


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