This is one brown bag you'll WANT to open! (just don't set it on fire!)


Rusty and Dakota are our two active dogs! Climbing the mountains, swimming in the rivers and lakes, and of course, their favorite, getting muddy!


R & D Pet Bar is an all natural bar to get those four-legged friends clean and protected against bugs! Citronella and Neem Oil are the main essential oils used to protect your pups from those pesky mosquito's! Peppermint and Tea Tree will leave them smelling fresh like the mountain air!


**Bonus: Wash your arms, legs, neck in the river or lake when you're camping, and you'll be protected from bugs too! No more bug spray needed!


Ingredients: Saponified oils of Olive, Coconut and Castor. Citronella E/O, Peppermint E/O, Tea Tree E/O, Neem Oil

R & D Pet Soap