Soap nuts are a natural laundry detergent. Derived from the Sapindus Mukorossi tree, soap nuts are berries typically grown in India and Nepal. The dried fruit husk contains saponin, which is natural soap!

Each 6oz bag of soap nuts comes with a muslin bag. Place 5-10 nuts into the bag, tie the top closed with the string. Put the bag directly into your washing machine drum along with your clothes. Run your normal wash cycle. Before placing your clothes into the dryer, remove the muslin bag and place nearby to dry before using on your next load of wash.

If washing multiple loads in a row, just continue to place, and/or keep the bag of soap nuts in the washing machine. Ensure they get a chance to dry at the very end.

Each bag of 5-10 nuts should yield 4-6 washes. If the soap nuts look gray and really mushy after a few uses, toss them in the trash, and start again with fresh soap nuts.

This 6oz bag should yield about 65-80 loads.

100% Non-Allergenic
Safe and Gentle detergent, and strong enough for regular laundry.

Soap Nuts: Natural Laundry Detergent