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This Sisal Soap Bag is amazing at many things!

Toss a full size bar in the bag, pull the string closed and put the wooden bead down towards the closed part of the bag. Get the whole thing wet in the shower or bath and start rubbing directly on your body. The sisal fibers act as an exfoliator and also promotes lather! Win/Win


When you're done using the soap, just hang it by the loop on your shower caddy and the water will drain out of it. Leaving the soap to dry between uses! Once the soap gets down to a small sliver, just add your new bar. BAM! No Waste!


After a few bars, if you feel the need, toss it in the wash to clean. Just don't dry it. Hang it up by the loop back in the shower for your next use!


Don't forget the Sisal Soap Bag Sampler pack on the Holiday tab if you want to gift the bag and some soap samples! Or even for yourself. Try out five different scents!

Sisal Soap Bag


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